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Fragrance Diffuser I Eco-Friendly Car Air Refresher I Hanging Car Diffuser

Fragrance Diffuser I Eco-Friendly Car Air Refresher I Hanging Car Diffuser

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Ready to Freshen Up ?
Try a new olfactory experience with our hanging perfume diffuser, infused with a delightful Grasse fragrance and alcohol-free. This concentrated fragrance is designed to pleasantly scent small places like your car or in a small room in your home.

Usage Instructions:

  1. Remove the Anti-Leak Tip: Unscrew the wooden cap to remove the anti-leak tip.
  2. Easy Attachment: Fasten the diffuser around your rear-view mirror by making a small knot to secure the clip.
  3. Immerse in the Fragrance: Turn the bottle upside down for a few seconds to allow the wooden cap and cord to absorb the perfume.

A Safe and Natural Alternative Unlike traditional diffusers containing strong chemicals, our alcohol-free solution offers an olfactory experience without compromising your health and well-being. You avoid harmful effects and fully enjoy subtle and captivating fragrances. Say goodbye to your hanging tree and welcome our new Shades Factory diffuser.

◽️ High quality Grasse fragrances

◽️ 8ml in a glass and wooden bottle

◽️ Alcohol-free solution

◽️ Variety of fragrances allowing you to change according to your desires

◽️ Vegan and Colorant-Free

◽️ Shipped in Plastic-Free Eco Packaging 🖤

Caresse Solaire: Evoking a blissful summer day, the subtle sweetness and freshness of ripe clementines blend to the exotic scent of Monoi, a perfume oil made with the delicate petals of the Tiaré flower infused in coconut oil.

Hammam Ritual: Transport yourself to the soothing ambiance of a hammam with this oriental blend, where notes of cardamom, pepper, and cedarwood envelop you in a unique sensory experience.

Green Lush: A symphony of verdant notes, blending the mysterious allure of mistletoe with the delicate charm of lilac blossoms.

Serenity Bloom :Indulge in a captivating floral realm with this rich and sophisticated fragrance. The divine alliance of iris and jasmine merges, revealing an elegant and lush bouquet.

Vintage Rose: A true homage to the timeless beauty of antique roses. This fragrance unfolds with floral notes of magnolia and violet, revealing a rich heart where the rose blooms majestically, accompanied by hints of soft musk.

Orange Blossom: An enchanting fragrance of orange blossom, evoking floral sweetness and the warmth of the Mediterranean in every note.

An ode to the springtime beauty of honeysuckle, this fragrance unveils a refreshing and green floral bouquet. Mandarin top notes and a marine accord reveal a honeysuckle floral heart, resting on a soft base of orange blossom.

Thé Jasmin: Opening notes of almond and orange create a luminous introduction that leads into a floral heart, where tea and jasmine blend in harmony. The honey and clove finish adds a spicy sweetness, evoking an enveloping floral serenity.

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