A more concious approch

In the current market, over 90% of available candles are crafted from paraffin wax. Defined as a chemical wax derived from petroleum, particularly from lubricating oil, paraffin wax has been the conventional choice. However, we've chosen a different path, opting for a more conscious approach. Our candles are exclusively made from 100% natural, vegan wax derived from soybeans.

This soy wax boasts a delightful creamy texture and offers a superior combustion experience. Opting for soy wax isn't just about embracing a natural option; it's a commitment to non-toxic, sustainable, and environmentally friendly candle choices. When you choose a soy candle, you're opting for a slow, even, and, most importantly, a clean burn that benefits both you and the environment.

Sourcing our fragrances from a fourth generation parfumer based in Grasse

Our commitment to elevate our fragrances led us to the South of France, specifically to the medieval Provencal town of Grasse, renowned as the perfume capital of the world since the 18th century.

In contrast to many candles on the market that utilise inexpensive, low-quality fragrance oils made with toxic chemicals, our priority was to embrace the highest quality ingredients.
To achieve this, we chose to collaborate with a fourth-generation perfumer based in Grasse, a small family business that has been creating CMR-Free and phthalate-FREE perfumes.

By sourcing our fragrances from this esteemed perfumer, we ensure that our candles are made with the finest natural ingredients and are vegan-friendly. The term "CMR" refers to substances that are carcinogenic, mutagenic, and reprotoxic, and our commitment to CMR-Free fragrances underscores our dedication to providing a safe and enjoyable experience for our customers.

Meet the maker

Hi I'm Fanny ! For those new here, i'm the French artisan behind Shades Factory.
I'm calling Wiesbaden in Germany home since nearly 3 years and all my candles are poured here in the city. They are cratfed with love, using only the purest ingredients. I've always been passionate about candles and I was already making my own at a young age! Now I can share this passion with you and I hope you like them as much as me.

Spring / Summer Collection

Welcome to our stunning Spring / Summer collection! Immerse yourself in a...